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Repairing & Restoring Mobile Phones in Hackney, London

When you notice a problem with your phone, or are tired of being tied to your current network, pay a visit to our specialists. PC AND Mac Doctor's phone repair and unlocking services in Hackney, London, will return dysfunctional phones to glory and grant you the freedom to pick whichever network suits you best.

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No Phone Unattended

Our team of experts are adept at repairing and unlocking a range of mobile phones and tablets. The models we capably service include iPhones™, iPads™, Android™ phones, and tablets. Though these are our specialty, we are capable of repairing most other models as well. The repairs we are able to perform include, but are not limited to:

• Water Damage Repair
• Faulty Motherboard Repair
• Screen Replacement
• Battery Replacement
• Charger Port Replacement
• Audio Jack Replacement

Professional Diagnostics

Customers are encouraged to bring their faulty devices to us. Our expert diagnoses will ascertain the nature of the problem as quickly as possible but may require leaving your phone with us for a few hours, or overnight. Afterward, we will contact you to explain the issue with your device and supply a quote for its repair. The timescale happily provided by our team lets you know when the service will be completed, which is particularly helpful when repairs will require us to order replacement parts. When you are happy with the terms, we will carry out the repair and contact you without delay as soon as your device is ready to be collected.

Working Around You

Alternatively, when you cannot bring your device to our office, we will take your information over the phone. Asking for your contact information, as well as some simple details about your device, we will discuss exactly what we need to do to repair it. When you are happy with our plan, we will arrange a date for you to bring in the phone or organise our collect-and-deliver service. Available to customers within a two-mile radius of our office, this service costs just £15.

Inimitable Value

There is no charge for any of the diagnostic work we perform, or a holding fee for the phone. Like our computer repair service, in the unlikely event that we are unable to identify the problem, there will be no charge. Only our repairs and parts cost money, because we believe in providing our customers with the best value possible.

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Unchain Your Devices

Our team of technicians also provide a phone unlocking service. This quality job will safely alter your device so that it is no longer tied to a specific phone network, meaning you are free to sign up to any network you please. The price of this task depends entirely on the phone and network you use, so feel free to contact us to be provided with the cost of unlocking your phone.

Contact our specialists today, in Hackney, London, regarding our exceptional phone repair and unlocking services.